Thoughts on Maggie..

upset some folk. Even now, gone and quiet for so very long, still upsetting some folk.

Some are upset with her, others are upset with those who are upset. I was too young to really know what went on, the rights, the wrongs, though much of what she did is still playing out, with its detractors and supporters alike. We may never know if she was right, but that was never the point. No one can ever know, but she never once questioned herself or her right to make that decision.

And its still not the point. The point is how should she be remembered? What is honourable, fair, respectful. She was a mother, a wife, an icon, a villain, an iron fist..

I say how a person is remembered in death should reflect who they were in life. This is who she was. A woman who provoked strong, passionate reactions, a woman who held strong passionate convictions and never once hesitated in enforcing those upon a nation. Why should we hesitate now?



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