choking back the words..

I belong to one of those online writing communities.. ah the things I could say.. I would consider membership to be a pass to a better education than the school of life could ever offer.. but despite my best lab coat disguise as I shuffle round the margins, sometimes when I peer in for a closer look the inspirational lunacy gets a little too real. Sometimes I find myself yelling in those stark white rooms ..

I was indulging in some banter when some random, lets call him Dick.. no reason.. decides to pull apart my grammar.. on a forum post.. then rounds up with a snide little put down and a wink.. though I’m not sure how they differ..

it was the snideness that bothered me, but as it happens Dick was wrong..

So how would you have responded?

In my head:

Here’s a handy guide for the next time you are confused over when to use which and when to use that..

It is Dick’s inability to let the smallest of inaccuracies pass without correcting them that resulted in him being nominated Pedantic Jackass of the Year

‘That’ is restrictive- clause one inevitably leads to clause two.. without it the meaning of the sentence is irrevocably altered.

Or we could say

It was certain that Dick’s attention to detail, by which I mean he was a pedantic jackass, was responsible for his reputation on the forums, by which I mean everyone knew he was a pedantic jackass..

‘Which’ is non-restrictive – I don’t have to point out that he is a pedantic jackass for us to know that he is one..

Hope that helped 😉

In reality..

I pointed out that he was wrong and didn’t leave a smiley face.

I feel like such a bitch..

How do you ever know when it is right to snap back? Is it ever? I should have left the smiley face.



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