Idiots run the world..

overhangeditedIdiots run the world
And I don’t know how to take it back
Idiots run the world
There’s a gremlin on the track
Monkeys took the reins
While sheep steer our course
Through the panic in my veins

I’ve long forgotten the coup
Was it when Thatcher got elected
And started a war in ‘82?
Or the eggs all got infected
And Currie rushed to our rescue?

I remember the battles
Bush and Gore in the Florida rot,
Hard lost, but I’m a little hazy
Fair fought or nought?
The rise of Palin
The freeing of OJ
The list of Putin’s failings
But then there was Hasselhoff’s last day
Glorious, and leggings died a death
As mullets finally got the chop
Sense took a preparatory breath….
And the Teletubbies popped up

I don’t know how we got here
The trams will never reach their end
And we’re all living in fear
Of the mullets impending revenge
While the leggings reign supreme
Britain got broke
And paid for Europe’s holidays
I’m not sure I get the joke

Egg on the ministers face
Distract from wires in their pockets
As the media takes the dealer’s place
Anastasia got a spanking
While Bella pleaded for a bite
Which got me thinking
When did women give up the fight?
When did the left stray to the right?
When did what’s right
Get returned to those
With the greatest might?

Maybe it wasn’t always the case
That sense was so uncommon
Perhaps Napoleon was ten feet tall
And Genghis a well- known Mormon

Or maybe I’m a fool
To think those Girls shouldn’t be heard aloud
Why can’t it be a rule
That judgement falls to the braying crowd?
So bow to the watching Eye
Let Paris wear the crown
It’ll all be reem in the end
And if it isn’t we’ll burn the town

Idiots run the world
And they run faster than me



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