Goldilocks syndrome..

I am a Goldilocks, not simply because I have golden locks, but because I know exactly what I like and how I like it but finding such precision it isn’t easy. This includes my literary needs. Sometimes it feels a little like this..

ME: I’d like to return this book. I’ve already read it.
SHOP ASSISTANT: Its just out
ME: It had a different name, but its the same book.
SHOP ASSISTANT: I assure you its a new release.
ME: And I assure you I have read this. He thought she was beautiful and she thought he thought she was a pain, then she saved the world which kept getting in the way of her high flying finance career.. although she was a brain surgeon in the last one…but the ninja-stics never ruined her silken locks, though they were auburn last time.. I wonder what shampoo she uses.
SHOP ASSISTANT: I assure you-
ME: Then she got a knighthood and adopted ten orphans, before they moved to a cattle ranch and rode off into the sunset, silken locks flowing out behind her..
SHOP ASSISTANT: I’m sorry, Ma’am –
ME: Don’t fucking ma’am me! Its the same fucking book! She pouted at his angular jawline all through the last one and I am not going through that shit again! Now do you know what shampoo she uses or not?



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