Saturday night’s all right for posting..

nohumanseditedIts close approaching 9pm this saturday night and I am sitting here posting.

Am I that sad?

Have I an ever-ready excuse.. I am poorly… or ..the bf is and I am just being a good girlfriend. Still hungover from the Copacabana-style, make the ski-reps look like girl guides on a Sunday school picnic, antics of last night ( not sure how I got kebab stuck in there, but I think it could go septic..) or, my absolute favourite, I’m skint from the trans-gender, trans-national, trans-continental, trans-galactic last weekend..

Nah, I’m that sad.. And yet, I have curly wurlys, Superman II is on record – love those tights- and I am planning on going hoarse shouting at Jessie J on the Voice, while silently wondering, Tom Jones, would I..ever? Those crinkly blue eyes…

Dorito fingers are the new nicotine stains..



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