My favourite monsters..

In honour, and sheer top-of-my-lungs delight, at the upcoming Monsters University release, I have decided to create a list of my other favourite monsters. Here is my top five in no particular order of growliness..


No not the big green fellow, the little green fellow. Godzoooooooki! A tumultuous, ingenuous, joyful little snot ball, who melted the ridged thorny heart of any others. Just the way I like my monsters.



Okay, Gizmo ruled. Indisputably, but we can’t really call him a monster, no matter how elastic we make the definitions. So as cool gremlins go, it was a toss up between her, up there, and the punk one. I had to go girl power. We are woefully under represented in the monster oeuvre. So anyone that rocks a leopard print bikini and isn’t running about shrieking loud enough to shatter the cinema projector must be supported..

3. spike3


I had to have one hottie in the list. I was slightly tempted to cheat here, as my favourite was always Xander. That grin, those shirts.. mmmm… and he did get turned in an alternative time line. But..

Anyway, Spike was cool, even after they tried to neuter him, he got all moochy over Buffy, forcing her into a very bad haircut, and he got all souled up.. he was still unrepentantly wrapped in punk rock 80’s attitude and hot as hell.. I may have fancied his coat more than him..



Cause I’m Scottish. Cause its the first monster tale I can remember ever sending a shiver down my spine, even now when I pass by the loch possibly one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit, I find myself looking into those deep calm waters and wondering..

cause I grew up watching this, being deeply irritated by the theme tune while completely unable to stop myself singing it over and over and over…. be thankful its a silent link.


SLOTH.. Hey you guys…!

I feel like I am stretching the definitions to the max here. Who could ever really consider Sloth as anything other than saviour, chocolate lover and superman wannabe .. if that makes a monster then you can throw me in the ring..

Goonies is my favourite film and this is its big, giggling heart. I love you Sloth.



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