Where my dreams go when I wake..

I swear Matylda Konecka is magic. It feels as though she reached into my head and plucked the dreams right out, pressing them all misty and hopeful onto canvas. Everything about them makes me want to jump in, almost believe I could land with Poppin-light feet in her world – the dilapidated inventiveness, the topsy turvy twists, the intrepid sweetness. The characters wear their hearts on their faces, their ingenuous nature writ into every brush stroke. More than that though, is the colour and texture of her landscapes, I feel as though they seep right into my soul, in the way that only natural blue skies and green fields have ever done before. But then for imaginary worlds, these feel more real than real does…


If I could engage the services of any artist for my own work, M. Konecka is definitely at the top of my short list. I can’t help wondering if I could inspire such a mind and if I could what would she make of Mk, the Rosy Bottom, 10 Godless court..


or Veri, the Frig, the Bridge of Bits..


You have no idea how long I agonised over which pictures to post, trying to decide a favourite, before giving up and deciding I love them all. I wish I could post them all. One day I will have a bare, spare wall and I will cover it with this..


or maybe this..


Or.. well either way it will be big. I don’t dream of small walls 🙂

To experience or purchase the magic yourself, try her website..


You will enjoy it. Guaranteed.



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