Forgotten gems

I am about as technologically savvy as my goldfish. Not the big, shiny one, but the wee spotty scraggler, who three years on still spends most days looking in surprise and distrust at the water pump.

I’ll likely never own a new i-phone and I’ll tune out when you show me the coolest app ever..

And despite all that I love technology. I love the brilliance of it, the discourse of ingenuity; I love the sneaky invasion of maths and other educational directives to underage swallies, I love the way binary code has become the slave to boy band screamers and Charlies first teeth. But more than anything else I love the way it has become a generation’s memory.

When written word first bled into everyday life, it gave us the ability to hold water in our hands. With every advancement our ability to catch every ripple and bubble and rainbow-hued refraction grows. And because of the internet, the web of detritus, things that might once have been lost in the irritated snapped fingers of half remembered images are not only caught, but waiting for any wandering and curious soul to discover, to be inspired and to offer their own piece of a never-ending discourse.

here’s one that stayed with me, not so long ago, but, pre-internet, not so long was too long.

I used to wonder if I could find a still of this and get it blown up big enough to cover a whole wall. Another big wall taken up.. its gonna be a busy dream house..

Oh and here is how they made it. I wish I could do this!



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