Floating Forest on the moon..

Weird title I know.

Been thinking about Pinterest, a ‘great author platform’, but I will admit I have been thinking about it in the way you think about who would play your hero when MGM buy the rights to your book. Which I have always found really hard and apparently pinterest is no different.

Take The Girl on the Moon (book written by me that no one can read til someone pays me a very large advance, large enough to overcome my insecurities).

Set 200 years in the future its a world that doesn’t yet exist outside my head and (written) page. Tricky to get pictures. And of course it is incredibly detailed, because imagining future world’s and all the mad stuff in them is really fun.

This however does make me think of the Arbour.


Described as a floating forest of steel trees, it is the Century Oasis, a 300 metre tall tower in the centre of Taichung city.

Relocate it to the moon curving it to fit, and take those shimmering rods of steel and replace them with running lines of water droplets and you have the space station central for the Girl on the Moon. The structure was meant to be surrounded by ornamental pool but they never could get the gravity settings to work properly, and as a result it is entirely wrapped in a rising spray.

oasis%2024You have to add a few things of course.

There are the saps – made of perforated lines of what closely resembles dense black mist, but are in fact gravity wells which function like lunar escalators.

Grav-lock storage – bright colour blocks on the outer wall. Gravity of course is colourless, they put the colour in to help you determine the strength. Black being the strongest.

And dominating the space wall is the Y-I.  The Wasps eye – broken into hundreds of hexes filled with fizzing images. Every so often they all converge to form one giant ad but you have to be really rich to afford that.

Can’t find anything that comes close to what I have envisioned for those, so here’s another of the floating forest, because it’s someone’s real vision and its amazing..




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