Summer frenzy

I don’t know where you are as you sit browsing, near or far flung, I don’t know where you plan to be in those hot heady days of the end of summer but I know where I will be laying my hat..

Its that time of year, my slumbering city, is stirring to life, Arthurs Seat was even on fire. Why? Because of this….


some dafties on a hill?




Pretty much, and halfway down a hill red

okay.. you might need an umbrella. We are talking Scotland here

grasskilts  Most of us locals have a love/kill relationship with the Fringe, though the only thing we murder is a good tune and too many pints (diet coke in my case). Its a mad bad brilliant buzz that sweeps into every corner of the city. The smallest of cafes, the underside of a bridge, an extra few inches of pavement, all of Edinburgh is a stage and every act wooden and flesh, dark, dangerous and hilarious, silent and ear splitting has come to perform, many for free, few for more than will cover their bed and beer.

This was a revolution of the arts, not a festival of pomp or prestige but born on the streets in protest at the elite gatekeepers, they gave their art, their music and their magic away to any who were willing to stop and take notice. Now 66 years on, we’ve been joined by the world and can claim to be the largest arts festival out there, unless Pluto steps up to challenge us, and if the revolution has gained a little organisation its all for your benefit.

I plan on being there with camera and press badge. Can’t wait to see what else turns up.  Though I really hope I don’t need my umbrella..

Welcome.. Come lay your hat..




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