And then you tell me that you love me..

You could.. we barely know each other but you should never feel ashamed of loving someone..

Seriously, as seriously as I get anyway, I love great dialogue. I was once told this was my strength as a writer. I’m taking it and trying very hard to believe and also keep building on it, because I think it is for me the cherry – and cream and liqueur – that makes the dish so addictive.

Unfortunately it seems to be on a holiday – well the good words anyway, leaving a load of drivel to fill in over the summer holidays. Worse its preening, under the illusion it is mythic. But unfortunately that is a title earned and simply saying something is ‘mythic’ won’t make it so. It is in some ways extremely odd, especially when you try to explain it, though I suppose in simplest terms it is the ultimate in telling over showing. Everyone is so caught up wanting the audience to feel they are living an epic moment, but they seem to have forgotten to actually construct the epic moment.

A great man doesn’t tell you he is great, he tells you the secrets of the universe. Nothing can breathe life, and by life I mean reality, the grit and gristle of belief, into your world of make-believe more effectively than dialogue. It is what we say, and by default what we don’t say, that shapes a scene. Some of the best dialogue is nothing more than a few simple words. Could anything more effectively make the pain of John Maclean real, as he walks barefoot over the glass strewn floor of Nagasaki Towers, other than the repeated “Fuck, fuck, fuck“?

There is a time for epic speeches, but they have to be earned. We need to bleed with them, have crawled through the dark and emerged dirty but triumphant, we need to have been on the verge of dying before we can appreciate the advice to ‘get busy living’.

In honour of this rapidly disappearing art form, these are some of the very worst offenders, contrasted with how it should be done. And I didn’t have to think very long to come up with either.


The wonder that was Return of the Sith (I don’t need to add ‘this is sarcasm’ in italics do I?)


This is one long battle of wills and you could chose any scene but this one shows the power of understatement – that one line.. you’re staining my window.. beautiful..


Really rather ripe as a series but this is a good example of a ‘serious scene’ that is flat, predictable and rather plays out like a tea time tearjerker of the week with vampires on the side.


Love it! just enjoy, replay, enjoy again.. no need to fake it..


To be honest the worst was unavailable, maybe a small mercy. Recycled bland rubbish..


How to bring a scene, a character and a story to life..

SO, so, so, so many I would have liked to have post. Shocking to learn not everything is on youtube. But since I love extra freebies, this is truly epic.. cannot tell you how much many times my brother and I recreated this scene.. my mother might though, sorry mum!



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