Living inside a rainbow..


Just wanted to share this. I think it is amazing. I’m no expert on poverty or third world issues, but beyond the politics of it all something beautiful was created and I do believe very strongly that our environment, specifically visual environment, has a strong influence on our happiness.

Maybe its the artist in me, maybe its being the daughter of an engineer and dreamer. I was raised on building sites, I climbed ladders and scrambled across open joists to get to my bed. I had a tree house built into the eaves of my bedroom, a little trap door accessed by a rope ladder that let me clamber through the innards of the house.

People say write what you know, where you came from, I say I can’t, its too much like something you’d read in a book..

Maybe it is superficial. It wont stop a bullet or put food in bellies. It won’t educate. But it might just inspire. That seems like a good place to start.



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