The Hidden Truth of the Camera..

I often think of photography as being somewhat similar to writing, in that it is something a great many people think they can do, without research or study. They pick up a camera, power up the laptop and imagine themselves living the slow montage life of pensive pouts and late coffee-filled nights…

Then you see something like this..
craig ….My homeland seen through the lens of Craig Easton’s camera. Even I didn’t know it could be so beautiful. The colour, the light, the composition.. all seems so simple, until you see a master at work..

If you want to feel like you’re in the sugar plum fairy outfit your mum made standing in front of the X-factor judges, horror on their faces,  then might I suggest you…

Check out his website 🙂 And let him show you how it should be done..

And yes there goes another wall in the dream house…


I think I will put it in the breakfast room (yes I will have a room just for breakfast) I’m not a morning person, I need something this serene to ease me into the day…



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