30 Days has this writer..


The woe may be entirely me.

Something to do with writing a novel in a month. Never done it and probably know far less than anyone who is going to read this. (type NANOWRIMO and ask google if I am misinformed). I’m not signing up but I am going to use the spirit surrounding it to spur me to action – nay to the finishing line 🙂

this month is my GEITFUDO .. Which stands for Get it fucking done.. sorry, but sometimes spurs must be a little vulgar.

During GEITFUDO I solemnly swear I will*..

determined finish the first draft of my current book. Two weeks is my deadline… currently…

oooh edit two other books ready for querying

scared query

*try to 🙂

In light of the first two, and I really want to get those right to minimise the inevitable carnage that number three will bring, I am trying to do the impossible: I want to make an editing check list. If you ‘member a certain rant, I have previously said there is no good advice out there for editing. Certainly I have never come across it, and I admit I don’t really edit…

omgI know, I know. And I would wholeheartedly agree with you, if you currently look like this >>>

Editing IS vital. Mine usually resembles me with pen and pad, candy crush open on one window, chat open on another, and somehow before the curser can take me to Word I’m battling chocolate quicksand..

I’m one of those – apparently – rare writers who is rather fussy about getting a really strong first draft. I am also one of those writers who doesn’t plan. Two things which would seem to work against one another.

When I started my first book I went full blast with the ‘just get it down’ approach. I needed to get that first book finished. I followed the same method for the next two – written simultaneously which is why I never really know which one I should call my second book. The first book required heavy editing, and its the only book I would say I have really edited, 70,000 words were deducted.

But the writing has gotten better as I have gone along, I have generally become better at reading my own work, though I do struggle at times with this and listening to my own voice. As such I have found my natural inclination is to go over a scene in my head afterwards, returning to anything I was troubled by as I was writing, and figuring out why. If the writing is clumsy or out of tune, I can’t just move on.

This current work has been something of a struggle. It had been a while since I had done any writing prior to this, and the reasons were by and large down to self doubt and wondering if this was right for me, professionally speaking. Since taking up my keyboard again (..not sure that image works..) I’ve been plagued by the ‘voices’. They seem even louder than ever. There is a temptation to return to first novel mode and just let it pour out. At times I have been doing that, but unfortunately I am no longer a first time novelist and I can’t overlook my failings in quite the same way. I doubt every word, I question every character, every plot point, I feel broken at times unable to dredge up a single word let alone a flowing description  – something to be honest I’ve always found incredibly easy. so..

I am hoping to build myself a check list, a story checklist that I can apply to any book and will help me see my work in a clear and structured way, rather than through the blood-streaked lens of my own self loathing.. I think if I can get it right I can use it for later structural edits.

Once I have drawn it up I will post it up, just in case it is any use to anyone else. Wish me luck! And if you are embarking on NaNoMoreWoe..

good-luck Love him…!


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