Whats in a name?

I like names. I think it matters that a rose is a rose. I think it matters less when you’re lying out on the dewy grass with the sun burning out your eyelids breathing in the sweet scent of summer.. But as a writer here and now, wrapped in rosy red blanket, fingers stuttering with the cold, goosepimpling at the crusty cough of a broken boiler, it matters a great deal. Those words have to take me a very long way from here and quite frankly I’m gonna call them a little inadequate..

What a word is and what it conjures in the greedy, gulping mind of the reader are two different things and I think a writer should be aware of them, otherwise what you think you are saying, you may not be saying..

Like my blog name – the reason for this post. It’s the name of the third book in my trilogy – as yet unwritten. The Ever After refers to the ‘happily ever after’ traditionally found at the end of a story, happily being excused as I just don’t know what might happen til I write it… But its also suggestive of ..well.. the Big Bookstore in the Sky.. what lies behind the Final Curtain… And I think being I am unlikely to offer anything of note to those seeking answers of that nature I should probably change it.. But to what?

My blog is about story – hence the ever after – writing, films, theatre…

Current shortlist

Story Geek…self explanatory

Everybody Needs A Wendy… after the line in Peter Pan.. ‘He needed a Wendy.. Why? I told him stories..

Short Girl Talking.. again if you knew me, self explanatory

Blethering Skite.. But you may not get that if not Scottish..

But am totally open to suggestions.. They have to get past the WordPress check but otherwise..

And just in case you don’t believe a name matters..



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