A New Years Resolve

what you will need.

1. Paper
2. Pen

Alternatively you may use any available writing apparatus and fingers. Ten is preferable but one will do. Or a toe.

The only thing that is absolutely essential is you. And yet its the bit I waver over most.

There are times – too many times – sitting surrounded by heaps of scrunched up despair, the light grey, the coffee long cold and turning green, as the radio presenter purrs gently at the heartbroken late night trucker, when I think, what am I doing?

Its not about writing, not about commas and paragraph breaks, characters and plot. Its about resolution.

How does this paper

…………………become this lily?

and when you are sitting facing this Scrunched_paper___Stock_by_Murasakii

…………….who would ever believe you could create this?


Its too easy to feel the fool as you trudge on with your list of colloquial terms for the mud that covers much of Muddy Hole in Muddybridge on the planet Mud. Yet Joyce once wrote

..alls fair in vanessy, were sosie sesthers wroth with twone nathandjoe..

and is considered one of the greatest writers of all time whose legacy is still reverber-veverver-ating  through literary history. There so much red upon my screen I feel like checking for cuts. And how many soser vethers aroth and vanity on sosen ethers beroth aver’s did he verily muss suren arayse fair frum eyr araisen? A month’s, a million, just enough?

As you compile that muddy list, screw the paper, beat the keys and berate those disapproving wriggly red lines, remember that Tolkien not only developed several different languages for his imaginary Elven worlds but three different writing systems to express them in. His works are the second and third best selling books of all time.

So this year I resolve to remember the lilies. To stand fast against the madness, the implausibility, the impossibility. To talk with the Elves and hold to the belief that one day you might hear them too.



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