another blog, another promise..

following on from my general resolve to be committed (not hopefully by that little man who keeps dropping by to ‘chat’) I’m breaking my resolve down into some more concrete resolutions.

Being the eternal, make-you-wanna-smack-my-face optimist I can’t help but think there is always good reason to try again, no matter how many times you have failed before. so..

GEITFUDO continued..

1 This year I shall query.. current date February.. (do we get the extra day this year? I might add it anyway..)

2 I will finish my current book.. yes that was meant to be done.. sometime last year, November.. august.. who remembers?

On the plusgood side I really am quite liking it now. At least the ideas behind it..

3 been sorting out my blog and realise I have become BAD BLOGGER OF THE YEAR.. scared

All I can do is faithfully promise to sort it out.. So I will try and post at least twice, nay thrice a week. Try.. its a very busy year.

4 further to both finishing and querying I will get all my books in order and finish any unfinished works. No date.. I don’t hate myself quite enough for that

5 I will write every day*. A word, a blog, anything *excludes all facebook status’s, forum posts, texts, shopping lists and lists of stuff I forgot to my bf…

6 I will cut down practise on my Oscar acceptance speech to once a week and resolve to stop writing my first NY Times best seller review ( which I have never submitted to the guardian …)

7 if I do not secure an agent by summer I will consider sharing my work on line…omg I know…

any writing resolutions you care to share?



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