Ten things I’d never have known without the internet

 This peculiar and utterly unique feeling, something akin to permanent chicken pox.

An itch that can never be relieved ….wrong

That penguins are multi skilled as well as illegally cute..


That two people I know had tuna sandwiches for lunch

That knowing two people had tuna for lunch makes me want to eat tuna now

That no matter how boring that might make my life sound, someone out there wishes their life was this interesting


6 That a discussion on that versus which can generate over 300 posts, the last 100 of which consist mostly of one word,  which is neither that nor which..


7 That as a woman I am deeply insecure


8 That the cat has been taking the piss for years


9 That no matter how stupid you think you are someone out there is always worse


10 that I may be broke, unimportant, too polite to ever not let someone cut in front of me with a tight smile and muttered obscenity, that my bikini bod may be a swimsuit and sarong bod, my boss may patronise me on a daily basis but at least I am not this man..




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