I cannot believe I have just spent an hour drawing balloons.
My life is filled with joy
Joy makes me uneasy
I’m waiting for something to go wrong
But it hasn’t even gone right yet
I figure there must be one good thing in my life
I kept thinking about this
So I drew some balloons
I think balloons are good
I guess I got greedy
I drew a rainbow
Then hope irresistibly evoked
I drew some sunshine and grew tomatoes on the vine
Fruit, sweet and luscious came next
A peach and a strawberry in my crayon garden
But emptiness crept around the corners
So for luck to keep the doom at bay
I found in yellow and blue, a green leaf, a clover
And as always the green grew
Bright, light
Bringing an ever shifting background
And an horizon
The dream died to a pretty coloured reality
Somewhere out there was the end of the world.


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