Lumbar support and other important writing issues..

SO GEITFUDO – my version of Nano (explanation here )  – rolls on


The danger date for new years resolutions is apparently the 17th January, so now in Feb I’m feeling ahead of the curve. I’ve kept my promise to write more blogs – check out my recent post here

Which has helped me keep up my daily word count. I haven’t managed to write every day but I feel that I’ve been generally productive.

I’ve even been looking into posting work on line.

Where I have failed is finishing my book. This must become my priority.

I’ve been thinking part of my problem is space. Dedicated writing space. When I first started writing everyone was, ooh cups of tea all day long, lounging about in your pjs – ie they thought it was Sunday without the farmers market.

But I was really determined to approach writing as a job. I got into a routine. I didn’t just squeeze it in when I could, notes, edits etc fine, but actual writing I set time aside for and got myself into a structured pattern so I didn’t even have to think about it, in fact I would often find even as I was prevaricating internally, I’d made my cup of tea, powered up the computer and was typing away.

I even had writing clothes. Because it seemed to me that if I did write in my jammies it would be really hard not to see it as just dossing. But you have to be comfy. My writing pants look like this..McHammer

I seriously recommend them 🙂

I used to have a little nook dressed up as a study. But recent developments have meant I am now writing on my lap. And I am beginning to think its like writing in jammies. There’s often pillows and blankets involved.

My mum says I need to face north.. or south? Something to do with when I was born and her being a wee bit crazy. (have I told you about my mum? remind me to sometime) The year of the horse dictates that facing west is just asking for a slipped disc.

I’m not sure direction factors in but I think I need to find a dedicated writing space. A place that I know when I am there I am there to write. Not play candy crush, not take a ‘which vegetable are you?’ quiz. Not search out cool gifs that I spend ages trying to write a blog post round.. Just write.

So now I need a desk, a chair and somewhere to stick them. Wish that was as easy as it sounds.

What about you? Any weird writing tics?



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