How we kill creativity

I was in my early life the perfect student.  As such my parents were looking forward to what could only be a cruise through high school. But something happened. Not drink, drugs or boys – I was possibly the only truant who skipped school to write sonnets.

My issue was difficult to explain but let me try – I didn’t have time for school. See, hard.  I knew from a young age what I wanted to do – and it didn’t involve maths. I wanted to write. I could endure a few maths classes, I couldn’t endure devoting my head to three hours homework every night – when could I write?

I’m sure I am not alone. Dance, music, football. Engineers. Entrepreneurs. Politicians. Social Workers. Life is such a varied thing, why is education, our preparation, so narrow?

Ken Robinson explains it in much better depth – and he’ll make you laugh. Promise.


2 thoughts on “How we kill creativity

  1. I love this talk! He’s hysterical. I always think that kids should do whatver they want to do and learn the stuff they want to learn while doing fun stuff. For example, while not learn maths as part of dance or art?

    1. he’s great isn’t he?

      not sure about math via dance.. sounds very Sheldon -esque.. 🙂 but definitely it should be about showing them all the amazing stuff they could do.. like ice cream making and glass blowing.. why aren’t they on the curriculum?


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