If you were born in a John Hughes World.

technically I am a child of the nineties. But then everyone knows the eighties were stil going in the nineties.. So I grew up with John Hughes, Molly Ringwald, the two Coreys, knowing you will always be pretty in pink and that shirts look best with sleeves rolled up..

..or just ripped right off.


The eighties were the era of the high school flick. Superior in every way to the current crop. Cheesy, formulaic filled with big hair, double denim and actors almost old enough to be their own character’s parents, they also didn’t pull punches, refusing to cut out the gross awkwardness
that goes with being a teenager or sanitise the adolescent urge. There was underage drinking, groping in dark cupboards and even… underwear…usually falling off or being tucked surreptitiously into acid washed pockets..

These are a few you definitely won’t be seeing in High School Musical 9…

Friendship that you can actually believe in…

Here’s one not to try at home.. unless you were never very fond of your license

This is why boys are creepy when you are fourteen..

Just say yes..

When passion still existed..

And one more because I love it..



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