My blog serial

So I’ve decided to write a blog serial. Its based on Julius Pepperwood the fictional creation of the character Nick in New Girl and its about a private detective called Julius Pepperwood, who finds himself living in a post zombie apocalyptic world, while obviously still trying to earn a buck.


Much like Nick’s efforts its safe to say my Zombie novel will probably have little in common with most other zombie novels. For a start, I’ve never read one. So I could be wrong, but as a general rule I’ve never been a huge fan of horror. However I will try and honour the fundamentals of the genre – they eat brains, don’t like baths..

It is what I like to call zombie noir. I would say it was an homage to Chandler and his hero, Marlowe but that would likely be a disservice to both of us. My Pepperwood, much as he would like to pretend he’s a heroic Marlowe, is  all too human, not that we’d say scaredy cat per se… but you know if the insult fits…. He doesn’t like the smell and he prefers eating to being eaten. On the bright side (not that he is one for looking on it), the zombie apocalypse does mean free beer for life.

He’s got his ghosts too – secrets, old relationships that even after the end of the world as we know it, keep rearing their head.

It also contains lots of cool duds and a whole heap of old 1920′s slang (tho its set in modern day). Like I said Pepperwood really wants to be Philip Marlowe, cool in black and white, lighting up Lauren Bacall and her cigarette…

Anyway, I would love you to come and read. Its mostly meant to be fun. Isn’t that the point of all fiction?

Julius Pepperwood. Zombie Detective, Word search addict



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