Day #3

This may be one of the rare occasions that the film is better than the book. And the book was wonderful to start with. In part it owes much to the visual nature of the tale, visuals which were so tempting to post, and for all I lament the overemphasis on CGI and special effects it certainly doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the magic they bring to our screens.

But I think this is simply a very rare thing, so rare it might really be magic, the magic of life imitating art, imitating life and somehow creating something real at its heart, which is what every artist wants and so few achieve.

The childlike discovery and sheer, wide eyed joy that these young actors brought to their role trumps the voice of the narrator, however warm and indulgent, and literally brings this tale to life in ways I doubt even Barrie imagined.. This is the young love we all wished for.

If you are a film fan – a couple of notes. In the opening caption, note the contrast of the pirate’s expression with Wendy’s. That alone makes it worth posting. And as Wendy whispers in Peter’s ear you can see his adam’s apple working, a gentle reminder of his anxiety..



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