Making a writer

I haven’t posted my progress in GEITFUDO in a while. Simple reason, there hasn’t been anything to post.

Life is my procrastination at the moment. Which as excuses goes has some virtues. But it is still an excuse. And as things start to return to normal – or calmer state at least – I really need to stop looking for more excuses and get back to it. So…


I am still facing my own fears and well… being well and truly stared down. I feel like a baby deer in the headlights of an 18 Wheeler. I cannot turn away but I cannot move.

The reason I cannot turn away is because this is what I want. Its what I have wanted  since I was sitting on the potty telling my parents stories.. (yeah, they didn’t appreciate my genius either..) It matters too much, it means too much. Its who I am. And I don’t have enough self delusion to convince myself otherwise. Though I have tried. Believe me. Another failure 😛

The reason I cannot move is fear.

And I have been looking into that. Mostly into kicking its arse. There are a lot of people on Youtube offering help for the self-helpless. I think its my new addiction – I will write a book about it one day. I adore the positivity. I’ve always been an odd Pollyanna type of skeptic. A great many of them talk a lot about vibrating and asking the universe ( if anyone knows how to avoid getting the answer phone?). There may well be truth in it, or more pertinently, help, but it doesn’t quite gel with me. As I said previously I am opening myself up to things I would previously have been skeptical about – so I am not writing it off, not straight away and certainly its a fascinating glimpse into another world view.

But as a skeptic I like those that throw in science and – always – some real practical tips. Nothing gets stuff done like doing stuff. As such I have really enjoyed some of this guys videos. He’s quite precise with his tips, and the science he relies on backs up stuff I have read myself. Stuff I have not just read but observed within my own life. Maybe what I really like is stuff that makes me feel right. Who doesn’t?

This is quite long, and while I think its worth watching, heres the points that I really feel are worth noting, especially if like me you are aspiring to do something with your writing (or art or dreams of any form) and are feeling a bit stuck.

I. Focus

Its not just the current cry of Internet is ruining my life.. one more level of Candy Crush and I am  definitely going internet dark.. Its about knowing precisely what you want and what to do next. That’s where those practical tips come in handy. I know I want to write for a living, but I need to know what needs to be done  to get from here to there. More I need to decide which of the many routes I will take. Even if I eventually try all of them I need to start with one. Sometimes choices can leave us feeling more stuck than if there were none. We need to set our sails in one direction and keep focus.

2. Grit

This guy likes this word. So do I. I like it in my writing and now apparently I need it in my life. I suspected all along. I have talked before about my fear of failure and my need to accept it as an intrinsic part of success. And that’s what grit really is. It is the determination to achieve your goal and to let nothing stand in your way.

3. Practice

As obvious notes go this one has a special ‘doh’ quality. But the truth is – it needs saying. Look at the recent furore over Malcolm Gladwells book, The Outliers and all he did was suggest that those who are very successful work hard. Truth is we like the myth of the hero. Those elite few born to stand above us all. Some of us even naturally judge ourselves by this. I’m sure I am not the only one to think, if I am not perfect first time, then I am talentless and should quit. In fact I might take this one even further and connect it up with grit. Failure isn’t just a natural result of trying it is the most vital component in success.

My sister is a very successful individual. When she sets her mind to something she invariably achieves it. She can even do slim-fast – if that isn’t will power I don’t know what is.

Funny thing is as kids, if anyone had been taking bets on which of us would succeed, I doubt you’d have put your money on her. She encountered problems from an early age due to her dyslexia and hyperactivity, which as anyone in the same boat knows are not always dealt with very well in schools. But what she did have was my mother. My sister wanted to do ballet – didn’t matter she wasn’t the most graceful, my mum would make her practice til  – well I don’t think there were bloody toes, but tears were shed, words were thrown and exams were passed.

If you do watch this video take a moment to appreciate how many of the success tories mentioned had similar experiences to my sisters. They were made to work hard, taught that success comes from that, not from some magical undefinable source. It is earned.



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