day #92

There can only be one choice on a day like this. I am sure you have an inkling. Robin Williams was every kids ideal imaginary friend, when we wondered what our teddy bears would sound like it was his voice that filled our hopeful ears. I grew up watching Mork and Mindy, the Genie in Aladdin remains one of my all time favourite Disney characters. I can remember feeling sad when he was set free and packed his suit case at the end of the movie. How would Abu and Aladdin cope without him? How will we?

A brilliant man who made millions of lives brighter. It is too tragic he could not do the same for himself. I hope wherever he is he finds his laugh again.

There are so many clips I could have chosen – actually was impossible to narrow it down to just one. So here’s Robin Williams as I and so many others remember him from our childhoods, from recent more sobering roles, but mostly joyful, frenetic, wacky, pure unstoppable fun…



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