Be the Cups and Ice


I hope my GEITFUDO isn’t turning me into that Facebook friend. You know the one, always posting tie-dye memes and cat jokes, while advising we all dig our toes into the mud, bare our breasts to the moonlight and chant to the Gods of Broccoli. I’m a bit of a Cindy Lou, but I don’t like Broccoli and this really is meant to be practical for those like me who need the right kind of nudges.

So, I scour the interwebs – mostly youtube – for advice and inspiration. And I occasionally dig something up.


I have a theory, which I might attempt to prove one day, that almost anything you experience in life can be encapsulated by an episode of Friends. This guy would seem to agree. I like Ted and its happy hive of nerds at the best of times,throw in a bit of Pheobe and reblogging was a guarantee.


Someone should make a poster of that. No matter what life throws at you, make like Pheobe and be the cups and ice. He has a few other interesting things to say, but that one really resonated with me. I might make a big poster and stick it in front of my desk.  Hope you find it as helpful as I did.



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