5. Child of the 80’s giving her age away.. Amazing when you think about it – advertisers, producers, pay heed. This little girl was addicted to the grey vixens of Florida. I didn’t entirely know what sex was and I definitely didn’t know anything could sag or droop.. .. You really don’t need pert pecs to hold an audience. (and I still know all the words)

4. How low is your opinion of me? This might send it over the edge.. Yep I used to want to wear those clothes. I drooled over that custard yellow jumper, I practiced the moves, I fancied her brother and even wrapped a scarf round my head and pinned plastic daisies to it..

3. We may never escape the 80’s. But so what, pull up a stool, have a pint. At least your somewhere everybody knows your name.. ( 😀 ) the cheesiest lines are proven to be the hardest to resist. Near impossible when you are posting after midnight.

2. But then came the 90’s.. I realise this seems so cheesy now, but hearing it even now, makes me feel all misty eyed and bubbly inside. This was my university. We used to save up to buy the videos.. This is the theme to every hangover I ever had. This was the theme of my life…

1. This was a close call, but this is one of the most haunting and beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard. I’ve picked songs that transcend simple theme jingles.. but this is more than even that. Its an introduction to a tragedy..

And because I cannot end on a sad note and also because I couldn’t possibly not have this in my list. But whoever heard of the top six list?.. okay. this is a top six list, just shhhh.. 😀



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