Flashback Thursday: Oops, I did it .. just the once

Cannot believe I missed Flashback Thursday. Abject and grovelling, knee bruising apologies. There is simply no excuse for having a life on a Thursday.


On the cuff I’m digging into the obscure but at hand files. This is a poem I wrote for a friend (and I use the term poem loosely). I can no more explain it to you than I could to her. Mostly I think it was because she was a goth. It went on the outside of the very pink envelope (she may think I use the term friend loosely).

Ah the fun we used to have with cellotape, scissors and a rotten sense of humour. Some things the internet can never replace šŸ˜€

I want to have the power

Talk to the flowers

Make honey with the bees

Sing with the trees

I have seen paradise

but I have a secret vice

I danced with pink elephants

Wearing the BigĀ man’s pants

Now I must pay the price

cast out from paradise

my advice to you is this

don’t give the postman a kiss

Or you’ll be dancing with pink elephants

wearing the Big Man’s Pants.



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