Writer’s Nest: Where the um… ya know.. procrastination happens..

Following on from yesterdays post and the stress I placed on eeking out a wee space that is entirely yours and entirely for writing –  hang a sheet, nail a painted wooden sign on the door, build the door out of old cereal boxes, whatever it takes –  I suddenly remembered one of my favourite sites to procrastinate.

I admit, its an odd lead in, a post dedicated to not letting procrastination get the best of you.. but pff.. This is fun!

My writing room is a section on Novelicious dedicated to writer’s studies, nests, kitchen tables and everywhere else they write. They’re proper published authors and (I like to think) have reaped the rewards of having a dedicated writing space. I’m an improper unpublished writer who likes nosing at other peoples houses, but I figured I would post my cupboard beloved wee hideaway anyway.


I aimed for the wide angle uber-sized approach, but all I have at hand is my phone. Sorry its a bit blurry – it looked so tiny I had to stretch it a bit. Some of you might not have your magnifying glass at hand. Do they have an app for that yet?

You can just about see my trusty wee laptop hidden behind the fake plant (live ones don’t fare well in my care). Its recently returned from the laptop gnomes and is incredibly shiny. Or was, I’ve already got crumbs on it.


So little green question mark number one, is my bookcase. It’s a little light on the books at the moment. Yes those are Harry Potter’s you spy, and yes, they are technically the only books on there. I have a rather considerable book collection but no car. So since the move, they have been enjoying the hospitality of my parents garage. I’m a little worried to be honest. I don’t think that bookcase, or possibly the whole cupboard, will hold them..

Little green question mark number two is my chair. I was given it by a client who originally considered getting it re-upholstered but then decided it was just too tacky and told me to do with it as I will. The client ran a beauty salon, so if it looks familiar you’ve probably recently had a manicure. I think they’re standard across the industry: white, cheap plastic vinyl, wheels. I love it. Its the comfiest chair I’ve ever tried to write from. I would like to give it a make-over sometime though. Its on the list..

Little green question mark three is pad and pen. I have an ever expanding selection of stationery. That did make it on to the bookcase, and the desk, and the bedroom and the living room, and my handbag.. I wouldn’t even consider for a second writing a book longhand. I can’t read my writing for one thing. But there is something about writing, pen, paper, that I need. I make notes I can’t decipher, doodle when i’m stuck, write lists of stuff I’ve already done, so at least I can believe the day isn’t totally wasted..

Number four, tea. C.S Lewis apparently once said..

you can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough, to suit me…

I may have found the answer..


Okay, its a fairly little tree, but it’s a very big mug.

Question mark numero five is my desk. It’s almost as old as me. My parents bought it for me to do my homework on when I started high school. I can proudly say it saw very little homework, but was where I began my writers journey. I decided age 11 to get serious about this writing lark – time was a marching on and none of us were getting any younger – whereupon I set myself to the task of learning the secrets of the novel, dialogue, description.. If this desk could talk it’d probably say, wtf? you’re still not published?

Lastly is my notice board. Which does what noticeboards do, provides a space for calendar, postcards, reminders, clippings that change with my mood. I stuck the question mark there as I really wanted to show you my other notice board, only it’s not in the picture as it is tucked behind my door..

IMG_0502  IMG_0532

My blackboard wall. I’ve wanted one for years. I don’t know why, perhaps the same reason I love pens and paper, but I have had a fascination with blackboards since I first sat in a class room. I never got to write on one. I was too shy to ever raise my hand on those rare occasions our teacher would ask us to come up and hand over the chalk to write the answer. Now I have my own and as you can see it looks as dusty and well used as any in school. They aren’t the most practical, but I still love it. I use it mostly for doodling inspirational sayings now.

SO that’s my cupboard. What’s your writing space like?



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