happy day #9

Americans put aside one day a year to say their thanks. I wonder if all of us should put aside one hour every day, or one minute every hour.. but then does anyone ever really know the days they live in?

Christmas in the depression..

great depression

This is the Rockefeller Centre in the heart of New York City, famous world over for its Christmas tree. If you’ve seen it in all its current glory it seems unfathomable that these were its origins, after all even in the most desperate times you can always count on someone being filthy rich and willing to flaunt it.

Did they let the men decorate it themselves? It does resemble what I imagine I would come home to if I left a crate of beer and instructions to ‘sort the tree’. And yet there is something charming about the picture that the pomp and expense of today can’t compete with. She seems, strung with pearls and determinedly upright, like a good time girl still going long after the party has ended.






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