happy day #15

Masaru Emoto is a Japanese scientist who claims that water resonates to human emotion and has published papers demonstrating the different form ice crystals take when subjected to either positive or negative intentions.

There is a part of me that simply refuses to even entertain this idea as anything more scientific than Santa Claus. There is another part of me that loves it so much I simply don’t care. And there is yet another part of me that is mildly terrified every time I consider all the hate and anger that seems to abound of late..





One thought on “happy day #15

  1. As writers, once the part that says balderdash has finished there’s another part that says, yeah, I can use that somewhere.

    Global Warming caused by outpouring of negative vibes – heal thyself: heal the planet.

    That said, I slightly worried you’d turned into a fruit-loop when I read the first line 🙂


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