happy day #17

Having a wee break from Christmas as there isn’t much chance of having a break from it anywhere else. If my prose randomly breaks out with.. ‘sleigh bells ring, are you listening?’ I apologise in advance.

Mass Delusion

I am fascinated by this effect. It’s just too perfect for this time – this mad, brilliant era of social media zombies and armchair activists, twentyfourseven news and soundbite enlightenment. The Salem witch trials are considered to be one of the most famous examples of mass delusions. If an idea is repeated enough, with enough conviction, it starts to gain traction, people begin to see what they cannot see – and for me it begs the question, do they create what they see? How far can belief take us? We know it can bring down stock markets, collapse economies, ignite wars..

And would you know what was real?



2 thoughts on “happy day #17

    1. not suggesting anything, just asking.. although its far too easy to think in concrete terms, much of what we consider set aspects of our world are simply constructs. and the observer effect is real, the only question is to what extent?


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