happy day #39


So you might have noticed the gap between day #38 and #39 was a little long. My computer gave up on me 😦 And despite coming back all shiny from the laptop gnomes complete with a brand new hard drive it’s still misbehaving. Still its nice to be back for however long it lasts.

Coping with life without laptop is weird. Initially, okay, then annoying, then you start to do strange things.. hoovering, scrubbing down the fridge, and cloning.. Well technically I haven’t made my own clones but I did binge watch Orphan Black, a low budget Canadian thriller. It’s central premise is an actors dream/nightmare, the entire show hinging on the main actress’s ability to play off herself in a multitude of personalities, and make us see each as a distinct character. Writing clones you might think would be easier, but in a sense its really the opposite problem: how do you make people see the similarities while maintaining distinction?

And since I like how they phrase it I’ll say my prompt is Genetic Identicals.

Check it out if you like the weird/different.



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