happy day #46

Unnatural Acts Blog..

I have just discovered the Skeptic’s Dictionary. I’m not entirely sure how this has managed to escape my attention until now, I’m sure in some back corner of my mind there was a vague awareness. One friend is what we fondly refer to as a militant skeptic, on a determined mission to make unbelievers of us all, and undoubtedly he must have a lifetime’s subscription and pestered us all with it’s wit and wisdom. So either I have gotten so good at ignoring him it simply escaped my notice or he’s become so sceptical he is even sceptical of the skeptics.. It could happen.

Either way I’m having fun exploring all the weird and wonderful names – I love dictionaries. The Unnatural Acts Blog is my favourite thus far. It made me giggle. Especially as it followed on from this sentence..

..no duck molecules were found to be present..

Do with it as you will..



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