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wee blethering skite ( wee bl-eh-thering  sk- y-t ), believed to be a sub-genus of the common or garden variety blethering skite, there is a somewhat mythological air surrounding the wee blethering skite, indeed many experts still doubt its existence.

Appearance – due to rarity of confirmed sightings no definitive description or photographic evidence exists. Those who have been gifted a rare glimpse report several common features: Pale complexion  – ‘ nearly blinded me’, ‘pasty wee thing’;  wild crest –  ‘do they not sell hair brushes round her way’ ; retro plumage ‘the nineties are over hen‘; but the one feature that marks all sightings is the size – ‘aww… so cute..oh! does she bite?’

Habitat – native to Scotland, appearing to prefer coastal areas, although notably only those with inefficient train services and arthritic bus drivers. It is not certain if this is deliberate or a side effect of living in a country that seems to invest solely in trams – though it has no trams.. (* for further explanation click here)

Behaviour – there is some suggestion that the wee blethering skite may be mostly nocturnal, something which may explain the pale complexion, somewhat timid, though sharp teeth have been mentioned,  balanced by an unusually strong sense of nosiness – especially when it comes to the end of every book ever written, Cylon invasion plans, what happened to Sheldon’s glow in the dark goldfish and whether or not she could fit into Rachel Bilson’s clothes

Diet – mainly sugar. A ‘Dean Winchester’ coated in caramel is the only proven method of drawing her out. bigbookboop2



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