Who am I?peekaboopedited

Someone who is scared to answer that question.

You could be anyone..

I could be anyone, maybe someone I’d like more than the real me..

Like probably everyone else out there I write. I write like I breathe, too fast some say but mostly quietly.. However, and again you may identify with this, I am now at a cross roads. That place where dreams can turn to bitter disappointment or lucrative lifestyle .. I’m ready to query.

The paradigm has changed, I am told, all due to the internet. You need a platform whether you self publish or submit; you need a presence on twitter and facebook, a blog; you should have graduated via wattpad or authonomy; be a vocal piece in the new author’s network..

I wasn’t familiar with the old way, though I had researched it and was all ready to go, to find out, hopefully from the inside out, then Fifty Shades came along. So here I am..

This is my way of getting to grips with the changing face of publishing, figuring out if I am prepared to be a part of it, or even find my own way through it; who knows, perhaps for an oddity like me the new way is the best way, but I’m here mostly out of curiosity. The internet is changing more than just publishing. I feel as though I am living through a cultural shift. I plan on having a record for the grandkids. I am sure they will be as nosy as Granny…

As for what you will find.. me. I know, I haven’t told you who I am,  I’m really much more about show than tell, but I am the kind of girl who will never order cider while wishing she could have a diet coke. I prefer pepsi..

I edit as I go. Irritating,  I know, likely to prompt you to wonder if  I have a clue about basic spelling, as it happens I do. I understand the difference between their and they’re and there, and pair and pear, and right and write.. I do..

And I am trying to be better. Once  everything had to pass through some – several – ones approval before it made it to the great consuming masses.  With great freedom comes great responsibility and very poor punctuation..

I love books, all books, the white pages, the dedications, the creases down the spines, the pictures above the chapter titles. I am not here to sneer, I respect any brave enough to take the leap, too much to be anything except honest.

Mostly, above everything else, I am curious. Curious about you, curious about the person sitting beside you, behind you, in front of you.. so..

Welcome..feel free to share.. 🙂 especially bad jokes.



    1. yes, I think that’s where self publishing can really work. Where risks are needed and the big companies are too busy investing in Coleen Rooneys tenth autobiography 🙂

      there was a great article which I have lost, listing self publishers who made it big. it was quite surprising who had started this way – Grisham I know was on there. Joyce self published. a few others that I didn’t know about.

      1. Yes. I don’t expect to ever make it big, given that my stuff has a niche audience. BUT Amazon, whatever their faults may be, connects me with that audience and them with me. That’s what matters, and it’s something of a miracle.


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