happy day #100

And on my last #100happydays post, something I never imagined I would be writing about. I’ve heard its good to push yourself out of your comfort zone 😀

Today marked a happy day for many in my town. After 114 years and god and geeks only know how many near misses, almosts and not-a-chances, Hibernian Football Club finally won the Cup. My dad’s waited his entire life for this moment. Not quite as long as this man though..


What would you wait 114 years for?


happy day #99

Nearing the end of my happy days run and I feel a desire to return to my sci-fi origins.

The final Frontier..

Not sure how I feel about this. I felt Voyager was a step down (several flights really) from DS9 and then Enterprise managed to turn one of my favourite childhood heroes into a irritating pontificating old man. But its still a very rich deep world to explore with plenty of fan love to draw in the audiences. They are hardcore tho, so tread lightly CBS 😀